Monday, Apr 2 - 10:10 PM

I am getting a lot more done because I am thinking less about things that don't matter. I am more tuned into my "Mind Management" skills and it helps me to have more fun while I am getting more done.

Wednesday, Apr 4 - 12:31 AM

I feel like life is an exciting place to be. I see it as a place to learn a lot and keep right on learning. Somehow, I think that is exactly what we all came here to do and it is a
privilege to do so.

Wednesday, Apr 4 - 03:37 PM

I am seeing that life has its lessons laid out for me to learn on an on-going basis and any resistance to this learning does not really help me reach my highest and best good. I am here to observe me so I can maintain an awareness of my truth in order to make wiser choices that create better and more meaningful consequences in my life.

Thursday, Apr 5 - 10:44 PM

I am purposely taking a vacation from thinking and it is working out quite well. I find that as I shut down the busyness of my mind, I am becoming more creative and things are getting done with less effort and more is being accomplished. It is an interesting concept and it is even more interesting that there are more results around me in my doing it.

I find that I have a unique talent for making things difficult for myself by thinking too much, so I just decided to shut it all down for a while to see what happens to a less cluttered mind. It is a great idea. I think it is fast becoming my new norm and not my vacation. Getting results with ease is a lot more pleasant than getting them with struggle.

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