Tuesday, Jun 5 - 08:29 AM

I am finding out that Eckhart Tolle is right. Living in the "Now" is the only way to go. It is finally clear to me that the real place I can make a difference in my life is to be totally present to the moment. That focus point is the place my future can be great or not so great.

I find it hard sometimes to let go of past mistakes. When looking back, they look so simple, but when given all the circumstances, they just weren't and that's ok.

I can make great progress by asking myself what I can learn from the experience when something happens that I wish were different. I find that when I ask the questions, answers do show up. The learning is the bonus.

Wednesday, Jun 6 - 11:06 PM

It always feels good to get organized. Sometimes I just have to stop long enough to do it. Being organized is a matter of intention. When I intend it, it happens and when I don't, it doesn't. Simple logic. What a concept!!!

Thursday, Jun 7 - 10:29 PM

I am in gratitude to so many things, I am not too sure where
to start so I guess IŽll go with just a few like how much I
love living in San Diego. It is my favorite city on the
planet and I feel it a privilege to be living here and
especially walking the beaches amongst many other things.

My cousin, Andy, (who I grew up with in the Midwest), and his
family, live 17 minutes from me and what a true blessing that
is. We have a lot of fun getting together on holidays and
other miscellaneous occasions like him beating me in
backgammon and cribbage and me beating him in table tennis. I
have so many things to be grateful for.

Saturday, Jun 9 - 09:19 PM

I am giving some thought to what mistakes really are and are
not. First of all, they are not a bad thing. When I make
mistakes, I see them presenting me with opportunities to learn
lessons in my life that were left unlearned. Seeing mistakes
as opportunities puts a whole new meaning to mistakes when I
make them. I am not as hard on myself as I was with this
understanding. They are a great way to learn things early on
when mistakes are small rather than not getting the intended
lessons earlier, preventing bigger problems later.

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