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Self Development Quiz:

1. To what degree do you consciously pay attention to life so you can learn to do it better?

a. Most of the time
b. Some of the time
c. None

2. Do you make a point to read self-development books?

a. Most of the time
b. Some of the time
c. Not at all-I am too busy for that.

3. Do you journal the events of your life?

a. A lot of the time
b. Some of the time
c. I don't

4. What has the greatest impact on your own personal growth in your life?

a. The luck of the draw
b. Other people's opinions
c. Your own life's experiences

5. Do you have a vision that you created for your own personal growth?

a. I have a vision
b. I haven't for a long time
c. I don't have one

6. Regarding your career and advancement, where would you like to be?

a. I am satisfied where I am
b. I would like to stretch my skills and capacity to contribute
c. There is no place else for me to go

7. How often do you take additional training to improve your own personal growth?

a. More than once each year
b. Once every other year
c. Seldom

8. If the direction your life goes is a result of the people you hang out with, would it go where you would like it to be?

a. Not likely
b. Yes
c. Definitely not

9. Do you write out goals for your life to accomplish more?

a. This is a constant activity that you do
b. You write goals once in a while
c. You seldom think about goals

10. When you make decisions, which of the following do you listen to most?

a. My parents or other family members
b. My own inner knower
c. All the people in my life I respect

11. When something does not work out right for you, what is the first thing you do?

a. Ask yourself what you can learn from the experience
b. Ask why it happened that way
c. Get to the bottom of whose fault it was

12. When you finally discover that a friend you associate with is a bad influence on you, what are you most likely to do?

a. Hang in there no matter what to keep the friendship
b. Evaluate the situation and set boundaries in the friendship according to your needs
c. I automatically end the relationship

13. When you learn a lesson of truth from a bad experience in your life, what do you generally do?

a. I just chalk it up as a bad experience and try to put it out of my mind
b. I really get upset about it
c. I reflect on it to learn from it and commit to changing my behavior the best I can

14. If the key to life is balance, to what degree are you balancing your life?

a. A lot of the time
b. Some of the time
c. Seldom

15. How much do you pay attention to your dreams to influence the decisions in your life?

a. A lot
b. Some
c. None

16. To what degree do you give any thought to what you want in your life?

a. A lot
b. Some
c. None

17. To what degree does attitude impact the results in your life?

a. It has a lot of impact
b. It has some impact
c. My results are related to my hard work and not my attitude

18. How important is desire to the success of your projects?

a. Very important
b. Somewhat important
c. Not very important

19. When something goes wrong, how hard are you on you?

a. You really get aggravated about it and blame yourself
b. You identify what went wrong, shake it off and move on
c. You identify what went wrong and you don't very easily let it go

20. What is your attitude toward failure?

a. If you don't succeed right away you quit
b. You don't succeed but you keep trying if there is hope
c. You are not interested in starting something that you know you can't finish with a success

21. How important is taking the time to develop your inner self to your moving your life ahead?

a. Very important
b. Somewhat important
c. Not very important

22. When you feel you are getting in your own way, do you have a tendency to:

a. Be hard on yourself
b. Explore more ways you can improve to make better choices.
c. Finish the project regardless of what is getting in the way

23. When someone does something nasty to you, what do you do?

a. I get even with them no matter what
b. You use the experience as a learning experience to make your life better
c. You confront them and tell them exactly what you think

24, When you make a major mistake, what are you most likely to do?

a. Hang onto it and try to figure out how you could have done it differently
b. You just can't seem to let it go because it was such a stupid mistake.
c. You let it go as quickly as possible, learn from the experience and move on

25. In experiencing your own personal growth, how often does your subconscious mind influence the experiences you have?

a. Most of the time
b. Some of the time
c. No influence

26. How much impact does your listening to your inner voice have on knowing what is best for you?

a. A great deal of impact
b. Very little impact
c. None

27. What is the most significant thing in your life that is holding you back from moving your life ahead?

a. My background
b. The people I work with
c. I get in my own way

28. When you have so much power, why don't you use it?

a. I have no idea
b. It is a self-esteem issue with me
c. I don't want to rule over anyone

29. When things aren't going so well for you, how do you control your own mind chatter?

a. I use affirmations to stay positive
b. When I get nervous, I might talk a lot more
c. I have a hard time with it and I become negative

30. What kind of budget do you have set aside for personal development-books, seminars, other trainings and personal coaches?

a. Over $2000 a year
b. Between $1000 and $2000 a year
c. Under $1000

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